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Should I remove the license plate from my car before I ship?2020-02-28T06:31:52+00:00
Yes we recommend that you remove your license plates and registration tags when dropping off your vehicle at the port. You can replace them when picking up your vehicle at the destination port. If you are entering Europe as a tourist or non-resident, you may drive with your American license plates and registration tags until they expire.
If you are not returning to the USA, after the registration tags expire, you should removed the license plates with the registration tags and mailed back to the Department of Motor Vehicles in the State of registration.
Do I need marine insurance?2020-02-28T06:33:13+00:00
Seahorse Express maximum liability per shipment is $500.00. Pursuant to COGSA (Carriage of Goods at Sea Act). Seahorse Express recommends that all shipments be insured for transit cargo insurance (marine insurance) for losses incurring in transit.
Charges may change depending on what you are shipping, questions you should ask when getting your insurance with us are, what’s my coverage?, What’s my premium?, what my limit?. Is there a deductible?, Warranties and Exclusions?
Who can pick up my vehicle at the destination port?2020-02-28T06:34:09+00:00
You can choose anyone to pick up the vehicle at the destination Port. But you must advise us of this a few days prior to the sailing so that we can enter their name as the Consignee or Receiver They will be required to identify themselves with a picture ID and depending of the country produce the Title of Ownership and a letter of permission to pick up the vehicle.
Remember there is a charge by the shipping line if you notify us of any changes after your cargo has been loaded on the vessel.
Do I receive my documents back?2020-02-28T06:35:03+00:00
Yes, if we do the clearance for you in the USA, all documents that you provided for US Customs clearance of your vehicle can be sent back to you. Your documents are sent back to you after the vessel has sailed. You will have the option of having them mailed regular mail to a USA address or sent via UPS to a USA or overseas address.

There is an additional charge if your documents are sent back and you will need to request them, otherwise we will store them

How and when do I pay?2020-02-28T06:35:34+00:00
If you are delivering your vehicle yourself to a terminal or to the port, a full payment must be made right after you have made the delivery. If you requested that we use of a trucker to pick up your vehicle, then payment must be made right after the vehicle has been pick up.
Payment to us can be made in the form of a wire transfer, cashier’s check, a credit card.
Payment must be mailed to our offices in Bayonne NJ
69 Lefante Way, Bayonne NJ 07002
What is RoRo?2020-02-28T06:36:08+00:00
Need to ship your vehicle overseas and you have heard about RoRo, but not sure that really means and you need to know if that could be an option for you.
Well in very simple terms, what RoRo means is Roll on Roll Off, which basically means if the car is drivable, it can be driven to the departing port and driven off at the destination port.
In most cases this method is more economic since you don’t have to pay for a tow truck to and from the ports
If I buy a car on an auction, can you pick it up for me and ship it?2020-02-28T06:37:43+00:00
Yes! When you purchased a car at an auction Seahorse Express can arrange the pick up of you vehicle and ship it overseas for you.
This process can sometimes be complicated and costly, especially when it comes to sending the cars internationally.

Sometimes it is difficult to find the right company to ship your car from your destination. After buying a car at auction, the last thing you want to worry about is whether or not is going to reach your destination safely.Seahorse Express can help you send vehicles purchased in auctions on a reliable and safe way to ship your car where it should be.

With Seahorse Express you can be sure we are dedicated and committed to making all your shipping needs are met.
How old of a car can I ship to Dominican Republic?2020-02-28T06:38:45+00:00
When you want to send a car to the Dominican Republic a detail that you must have in mind to save you a headache later and maybe loss of your money is the year of manufacture of the car, truck, or motor boat.

The following are some of the years that you should take into consideration

  • Cars and trucks 5 Years
  • Trucks 15 Years
  • Motor boats and 15 years

This list is just an example to follow, remember that there are many more variants which should pay close attention, some other thing to consider are the reason for the move, engine size, the model of car or truck and several more.

What could I expect SeaHorse to do for me?2020-02-28T06:39:40+00:00
Typically, a freight forwarder should be able to understand your requirements and identify the best transport option to move the shipment in the required timeframe and at a competitive price.
As well as these core transport services they should be able to offer:
•Customs clearance – Seahorse can complete customs paperwork on your behalf, as well as offer the facility to pay any taxes or duties owed to customs on your behalf.
•All other shipping documentation such as Bills of Lading, Certificates of Origin, letters of credit or any documents required by banks before payment is released.
•Insurance – Seahorse will be able to supply insurance services to insure your shipments for loss or damage.
•Logistics and supply-chain management, which has many facets but can consist of fulfillment, customs consultancy, contract logistics services, plus other similar value added services.
When should I use a freight forwarder?2020-02-28T06:40:15+00:00
Anyone involved in shipping internationally would be best served by working with a Seahorse Express freight forwarder. Even the large Beneficial Cargo Owners (BCOs) such as Tesco and Marks and Spencer, still work with freight forwarders for parts of their business because of the knowledge and flexibility Seahorse Express can add to their supply chain network.
Seahorse Express can become an extension of your business in many ways. We can be your outsourced shipping department, adding valuable knowledge and advice to the process of importing and exporting, saving you both time and money.
What is a freight forwarder?2020-02-28T06:40:48+00:00
An easy way to explain the role of a freight forwarder is to imagine us as a “travel agent of international trading” – a much more pleasing analogy (at least to us!)
Whichever version you prefer, a freight forwarder helps companies move their shipments from A to B in the most cost efficient process, smoothing the passage through the countless of processes and regulations necessary by different countries.
Freight forwarders like Seahorse Express has contacts with respective carriers – that is, airlines, shipping lines or haulers – to transport the goods. At Seahorse we are expert in the logistics process.
Seahorse Express owns the equipment and warehouses necessary to complete the task


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